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Mikala Engel

4luvofwriting – 2009-10-10 3:04 AM I have never been able to understand what all the fuss is about when people say this POV is better or that POV is. When I read, I like it when I know from all POVs as long as it’s clear whose POV I’m in. Some say that a single POV provides the reader a richer experience from the main character’s POV. Contrary to that notion, I find it too limiting.

I think you’re missing the point.  This isn’t about which POV, but whose POV.  Very different things.
You pretty much always have to use a single POV, even when you use multiple POV characters.
Though there’s nothing at all limiting about using a single POV character start to finish, and many of our best writers and classsic novels do just this.
But in this case, when you switch POV characters, you must be consistent about it.  One character always has to take the lead, and when two POV characters are in the same scene, one has to take the background.  If you bounce back and forth, readers will be confused.