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Great question. Shows you know a lot about writing and want to get your story right. I’d agree with others who say that the answer to your point of view quandary is “Yes” or “Either way might work.” While it’s often (not always, because there seems to ALWAYS be an author that comes along to break the rules) best to pick a MAIN protagonist through whose point of view you use in a story, some scenes might work better with a more creative approach. Sometimes you might want to choose a point of view for a particular scene because it is a person who is more interesting in that scene. Other times, you can cut a chapter in half (even a scene, but this is tricky) and show two points of view about the same event. So, that’s the long answer. My short answer is: pick ONE point of view to dominate the story and then sprinkle in other points of view when in creates more drama for the reader. Hope this helps!