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I have. I’ve read alternate histories because I thought it would be good to know exactly that. I wasn’t aware of the other about the ten year old girl, though. I’ll have to read it. We follow Laura’s entire life… from the date of her purchase in the slave market until the day she dies. The book starts in 1933, actually, with a short chapter or two giving a bit of history on “the transition” as the Nazis in my book call it. (The characters are Laura’s ancestors, but she doesn’t know that. She ends up living on the same Aryan estate as her great aunt or something and never finds out because her parents were purchased before she was.) Laura knows she’s Jewish and spent the first ten years of her life in a cage, brutalized and branded as an animal. I suppose the book isn’t actually about a ten year old girl, it just starts when she is ten and follows her life. I’ll need to reword that. She plays an important part to the rebel group fighting for freedom. As for Nazi occupied America… there’s not an occupation of the country. There are no countries to occupy. It’s all just the Nazi Global Republic. The US is called “The Fourth Continent”, everyone who is not “white and of acceptable German descent” is a slave… meaning all races, all cultures… all people who proved unacceptable by Hitler’s original standards. Aryan/Jewish (or other race) relationships are considered bestiality, any children born of the relationship are “half-breeds” and killed upon birth… whether or not they really were of “mixed blood” or just a recessive gene that gave them light hair or eyes. I think my book is original enough to stand on it’s own… I haven’t read one like it at any rate.

I had already spoken to the publisher about it being alternate history… he said he was interested just from my questions and would like to see sample chapters, but not to forget “a real query”. I asked which format he preferred, in the e-mail or attached, and he said attached was fine since I asked to make sure. He’s an amicable enough guy. I’ll fix the paragraphs you mentioned. I don’t want to sound like I’m pandering. I just want them to know their consideration is appreciated.