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Hi Susan,
There is a scripture that speaks of safety in numbers, there is also another that tells us that if any two agree as touching anything, he will hear and answer. Looks like a few numbers are adding you to their prayer list. May a spirit of peace and comfort rain down softly upon each member of the family.
Joining hands with you in prayer,


I choose to walk along side of you;
To help you on your chosen journey.
We’re not here just to pass the time.
Hand in hand, yes that’s the key.

Teaching others to teach others;
Enabling some to find their way,
It’s easy to get lost as you know.
See why guides are needed today?

We’re not here just to help ourselves.
We must be caring of those around.
Many need encouragement, it’s true.
Lend an ear and advice that’s sound.

Be a brother, sister, friend, or helper,
When one is alone in sorrow or pain.
Times of confusion, sickness, death-
To partner in life, the answer is plain.

We know that Heaven does exist,
Let’s also help each other get there.
Knowing the way let us point to it,
So we all can climb the golden stair.
By Don Ford