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The traffic was horrible.  The time was 6:30 a.m., way too early for me to be up and on the run.  I hadn’t even had time to grab a cup of coffee and now I was stuck in traffic.  The only thing I could manage at the moment was a huge yawn.  My eyelids were getting heavy; I knew I had to do something before falling asleep behind the wheel. 

Thinking the radio would do the trick, I found a station that played something between Heavy Metal and Rapp.  I jacked the volume up as high as I dared without becoming embarrassed.  I was glad to find that it did help a little.

Why did I volunteer to be a liaison at our yearly conference?  I shook my head.  “How dumb was that move?”  Thank goodness my husband was still home to see the kids off to school.  I decided to give him a call while waiting to make sure all was going well.

        “Hi Sweetheart,” I yawned. “Did you manage to get the kids up and moving?  Are they getting ready for school?  They are, oh good, thanks for doing this for me.  I promise I won’t make you do it again this year,” I snickered.

        “Don’t worry, Hon, my husband assured, everything’s going fine.  You have a safe trip and I’ll s…”   “You’ve just won a fully paid trip to Paris, France for two!  Caller number 10 how does that sound to you!

        “Ah-h, what’s going on?  Jake, are you there? Jake?”  Who is this? What caller?  I didn’t call any radio station. Wait!  I’ve won a free trip for two to Paris?  You’ve got to be kidding!  You’re kidding, aren’t you?  You’re NOT…Wow, where do I collect my prize?”

            “It’s yours for simply being the tenth caller to KV…buzzzzzzzz

“Lois sweetheart, what happened to you?  We were talking and all the sudden you weren’t there.  I thought I’d completely lost you.”

“Oh no!  Jake.  I won a trip to Paris for being caller ten at a radio station that starts with KV.  Do you know what station that might be?”

“When did you call the station?  You were just talking to me.  What’s going on, Lois?” 

        I frantically turned the radio to a different station to see if I could figure out which one it was.  I may not have called them but my phone call was intercepted just at the right time.  So wouldn’t that make the trip to Paris mine? Of course, I rationalized.

        The radio stuttered as I whipped across the numbers until I heard a voice say…”Well folks, looks like we’ve lost our 10th caller so the free trip to Paris goes to caller 11!”

“NO!”  I screamed in the ear of my forgotten husband.

        “Joyce, just what’s going on?  You’re acting a little strange and I’m beginning to freak!”

            “Sorry hon. I sighed, guess I was just having temporary illusions of grandeur.  I’ll see you tonight.  Love ya.  Bye.”