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Mindy: Thanks for the style compliment; it means a lot. It is short because it is the very beginning of the story but I’m glad you wanted more. The decision to join the Department and Steve’s heroics are in different stories but, you’re right, I should try to work some of that into this piece. Unpleasant calls may be worth a piece exclusive to that subject. Thanks.

NorEaster: Your screen name conjures up memories of when I was a fishing charterboat captain on Lake Erie. I’m curious about your usage of the term. Thank you for the compliment, as well. You are also correct. An event is coming that does indeed bring the rookie into the circle of the pro’s approval. Thus, the question is answered and the two officers begin to forge a bond of trust and friendship that endures more than thirty years later. I hope to share the complete story with you, in some way, at a later time. Thank you all for your assistance.