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I’m not sure what a writer is “supposed” to look like, but I’m fairly certain I’m not it. I’m told I look like a cross between the guy who played Ares on Xena Warrior Princess and Commander Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Back when Xena was on the air, I’d get stopped for autographs every time I went to L.A. by exicted tourists who mistook me for Kevin Smith (_Not_ the one from Clerks, Mall Rats, Jay and Silent Bob, etc). But, as Smith – the one who played Ares – died several years ago, I hope I no longer resemble him.

If WWE promoters and recruiters are to be believed, I actually look more like a pro wrestler than an author. In my younger days, I was approached on five separate occasions by wrestling agents wanting to “discover” me. So if the Woody Allen look epitomizes the typical male writer, I guess I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum.