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The cruise sounds nice… have a great time… but I’d rather hang with the druid and AB… John could talk and ‘Tonio could just, well… be :). Seriously, Riv, have a super time – a well-deserved vacation and spending it with a loved one is the best possible option.

My NYE is pretty low key, we do the same thing every year: a really nice bottle of vino (at least ten bucks 🙂 ) and we spring for lobster alfredo. Bring two chicks home alive and kicking, steam ’em til they scream, pluck out the meat, and saute in butter, cream, and parmagiano, then toss over handmade fettucine.

And that’s it… kids get Annie’s mac-n-cheese, hubby and I watch a movie, he goes to bed around ten, and I write until midnight…

Have a great year! Peace, Linda