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mcedave – 2008-11-10 3:15 PM Ok, these are the UNOFFICIAL results. I figured I could do a quick tally. I am not trying to take anything away from the AWESOME job Traci does with this.


 Inquiring minds want to know, so


Sarah Jane (10/12)

JohnOBX (10/12)

Traci (9/12)

Jimdens (9/12)

Kingac (9/12)

Mcedave (9/12)

Kegwai (9/12)

Catkas (8/12)

Leikec (7/12)

TheRazor (6/12)

So, it looks like a tie between Sarah Jane and JohnOBX. You both took the Cardinals, so you each need to give your prediction for the score.

Traci will still need to verify the results.


I’d like to say thanks, mcedave, but you didn’t put me down as the winner, so you must be wrong! 🙂 Traci, straighten this guy out, will you? 🙂