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I like it too, but is this your writing space? Is it really a productive place to put pen to paper? Do you have a drawing of it maybe? Or perhaps a picture of your cat or dog that keeps you company? It would be a good edea because they lower your blood preasure and I think that if that’s where you’re writing, then you may need someone or something to lower your blood preasure.

Are you on one of those desk chairs with the wheels on it? I bet that’s why you’re going so fast. Perhaps you might remove the wheels. They are removable usually. More than likely it came the box from Office Depot with the wheels in their own individual little baggies. You know the ones with the seal that you try to tear with your hands but it’s, like, hermedically sealed with an industrial grade glue gun and you just keep pulling and you end up grabbing the scissors to cut it open and the directions said nothing about needing scissors?

You climb to the top of a spiraling starecase? So does that mean that your writing space is in the attic? Are there flowers? Is there a mad lady up there who’s husband is downstairs introducing his daughter to her new govrness/his potential love interest? Are there bats? How ’bout that puppy? Cobwebs? Moldy smelling dresses that your grandmother left up there after she left the house to your mother who you put in an old folks home so that you can have her out of the house because she has become a real pain in the a** and she really doesn’t need to be there because she can get herself to the bathroom and feed herself and she’s not senile, but she keeps trying to wash your laundry and she shrunk your favorite coctail dress because she washes everything on hot and she blasts watches The View on exta loud because she can’t really hear that well and it bothers the dog and the cat that you didn’t show in the picture that you didn’t post?

But that little boy with his outstretched hand, he loves Grandma. And Grandma loves him. To bad you had to put her in an old folks home. If you want me to believe otherwise, then you will have to post a picture of Grandma in your writing space. And she better be smiling.