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@pls wrote:

Gotcha! The squeaky wheel gets the grease, ya know.

Identify the need, write up a project description, and send a proposal to Brian. I don’t know if a chat room is possible with phpBB software; it might have to be set up with something like AOL or Facebook chat.

As far as being a mod goes … if you aren’t a complete bumbling idiot and can access the forum often, you can be a mod. Mostly it takes someone who is motivated to do the job on her/his own time as a volunteer.

Since Miss Lily came up with the idea I imagine she writes the proposal? Then mod requests are thrown out there? I do work days (not today, took the day off because of 3′ of potential snow coming) so would be limited to around those hours and weekends. Might be interesting to be a mod – anything open at the moment?