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This is a bad spelling forum for sure. You know why? Because I’m in it! Kidding, my spelling has come along way and yours will to.

As far as a journal partner, I’m not sure how that would work exactly. I’ve been keeping a journal for twelve years now, and can’t imagine that someone else’s timing would match my own regarding when I do an entry. But, I do think it’s a great idea if you can make it work. Also, you’re right, it is a great place to empty your thoughts. It’s a little scary though because my thirteen-year-old daughter, Grace, seems too intrigued with my journals, which makes me nervous. She’s always asking to read them.

“You might as well let me,” she says. “One day you’ll be gone and then I’ll get my hands on them!”

Yikes! May have to toss them into a bonfire at my passing! Oh, and also I lost a journal once, which intrigued my girlfriends to no end, wondering who had it in their hot little hands. After crying for three days, I turned it into a novel, which will be my next one up. So there you go. Keep up the writing and welcome to our forum!

Dorraine Darden, Author of novel, Jack Rabbit Moon