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Sweetdevotion – 2009-07-21 2:10 PM Well, I’m editing/fixing a romance novel I’ve written some time back… and every day it becomes harder and harder to sit down and do something about it. I’m even starting to dislike the whole idea… Should I keep at it? or just start something totally new?

What I have discovered for me.  (It may not be true for you).

When I am struggling through a storyline, it takes discipline to get through it and on to a more interesting part.  But I mark my notes and in rewrite, I go back to that chapter/section to see if I can discern what is wrong.  Having been away from it for a little while by working through the rest of the story, the wrongness often jumps out at me. 

When I am in (let us say) chapter 7 and I am gritting my teeth to move forward, that generally means there is something off and the story is derailed (or ready to derail).  When that happens, I set it aside and work on something else for a while.  Then, when I go back with relatively fresh eyes, I invariably find the problem, not in chapter 7, but in chapter 2, 3 or 4.  Something was not foreshadowed, some character description doesn’t fit, or…and I am forcing the story.  Either I go back to chapter 2, 3 or 4 and change it, or I rework chapter 7 to move in the direction the story seems to want to go.

I hope that helps