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novembergal – 2009-09-03 7:41 PM I’ve spent most of the last week reading court transcripts, summarizing testimony for a law firm, so what’s annoying me right now isn’t how some people write, but how they talk. Maybe it’s worse seeing their words in written form. One such annoyance is the overuse of the word LIKE. Some examples from a supposedly well-educated, 40+ year old female witness: there was like no dishes; there’s like nothing on the counter; I’m like you’re kidding; one bikini is like really her favorite; It was like what was that?; I’m like, I don’t want to do this, and then I’m like okay. That is so like really annoying. 🙁

Gena, I can relate to this.  You get a lot of insight into other people when reading deposition transcripts.

My pet peeve is all lowercase, or lowercase when capitals should be used, in internet communication. I also do not like the excessive use of adverbs in writing, or using “and” to connect two complete sentences which have no real connection.