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Lord Terpsichorean – 2009-03-23 6:51 AM

pegs – 2009-03-23 1:29 AM

Lord Terpsichorean – 2009-03-22 11:07 AM

pegs – 2009-03-22 11:58 AM I just started a job doing physicals for disability evaluations for the state. Yesterday was my first day. I can see already it’s going to be fascinating. I’ll see some people like those described here, and some who are trying to take the state for a ride. I’m intrigued by the myriad different ways people handle the wrenches life throws in their works.

As someone when diminishing myelin–I feel their pain. 😉

Universal healthcare sought by the Obama administration may one day solve this problem, once fiscal conservatives realize a way to make a profit. 


York – I’m sorry to hear your myelin is diminishing.

They all have pain, whether physical, emotional, existential or all of the above. I’m just glad the final decision is not up to me. I’d probably bankrupt the state coffers in a month.

Don’t get me started on universal health care and profit. I’ll rant. In my opinion, health care should be available to all, not for profit. There. Mini-rant.