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Colonel Travis – 2009-09-30 1:07 AM

cryaegm – 2009-09-29 12:30 AM Many people do not like Microsoft Office 2007 because of the learning curve. It takes too long to learn how to use Microsoft Office with how it is designed (changed completely from 2003).

How true, how true. I like 2007, but I know people who wanted to leave a flaming lawn and garden bag of dog poo at the front door of Bill Gates’ house. Biggest gripe by far was for the ribbon, plus not every application even had it. Office 2010 has a major change, they’ve all got it and you can totally customize it. Lots of other improvements. I’ve used Macs since they came out, always thought Apple made superior stuff. Also owned several PCs, not a Mac snob. Windows 7 is easily the best OS I’ve ever used, I cannot believe it came from MS – and I’m saying this about the test versions. The final doesn’t hit the stores for another month.

I will probably update to Windows 7 when I am able to get it. Right now, Vista hasn’t been a bother for me. And with that point, the problem I have had with Microsoft Word is the ribbon. I felt it was a chore the first time I started using it, and started wondering why they had to change everything. Though, I have the ribbon now and it looks less cluttered that way. 😛