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Things seem to be conspiring against me. I’ve changed my availability, and now work Friday nights, all day Saturday and all day Sunday, thus leaving only five days in the week. The kids come home just after two in the afternoon, so make that five half-days in the week. Then we had Veterans Day when their parents were home all day and involved me in their activities. The kids have got three days off for Thanksgiving. I had a brilliant idea for my HSE offering and just had to write it down. Now, here we are on the 13th and (hangs head down in shame) all I’ve got for NaNo is 7800 words, and I’ve edited those words over and over. I can’t help myself. Force of habit, you know. I’m never gonna make it, am I? … unless I can churn out 4500 words every day from now on. Well… nothing ventured … Congratulations on going past the 20,000 words, June. You’re nearly half way!