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The cafe was quite busy considering it was ten in the morning. There were many businessmen, dressed in tuxedoes and sporting fancy ties, crowding the lines; some would let the ladies cut them- and the guys behind would roll their eyes. I laughed inside and shook my head as I began to type in the url for myspace. Waiting for the page to load, I sipped my caramel coffee- with whipped creme, topped in chocolate and caramel syrup. I loved the subtle mixtures of the tastes, and the aroma of mocha and isolated conversations that filled the cafe.

I typed in my username and password. I was disappointed to see that I had no messages or comments, but I figured that was because of how early it was. What teenager is awake at ten in the morning during the summer anyway? The only reason I was on so early- in a freaking cafe filled with adults- was because I was grounded from the computer. Whatever…it’s just stupid that my parents would ground me for an entire week because I forgot to put my clothes away: big deal, right? At least I was only grounded for a week; it could have been worse. Sure, my parents can sit around all day and do nothing; leave the clothes unwashed and lying in piles everywhere, dirty fly-infested dishes in the kitchen, forget to make dinner, and the list goes on; but God forbid if those clean clothes don’t get put away!

A new friend request, I saw: exciting! I clicked to see who it was. It was my cousin Aaron! I wondered if my other cousins had myspace, so I looked on his friends list. There was Mark, Blain, Colleen, Kristin, and Austin – and I requested all of them. I must have accidentally clicked on someone’s page – and wow! – who was this, I wondered! Her default picture was amazing. She was pale white – not like a ghost – but like someone divine; like an angel. Her blonde corkscrew-curls went down just above her elbows. Her right arm was leaning an ivory column, which reminded me of a Greek temple; with her left arm bent in a sideways V and her left hand on her hips. Her maroon colored lips matched the almost-violet sunset in the background. And her dark blue eyes matched her indigo dress. She must have been a model!

Her name was Tori. I was expecting an exotic name. She looked more complex than a ‘Tori’. She had all kinds of crazy pictures all over her page; all with her in them. There were pictures of her in Egypt, the Amazon, Hong Kong, Hollywood, Italy, Niagara Falls, and many more. She mentioned that she traveled the world with her boyfriend, who was a professional photographer, to model for his photographs that he would take of her around the world. Together, they would make a picture book of their adventures to show people the different scenes, cultures, architecture, and generally the originality of each place they visited. By doing this, they hoped to inspire people to travel the world, and learn about new places.

I might have fallen in love with her right then. She definitely wasn’t just another pretty girl, but she definitely had intelligence too…and a boyfriend. I so happened to see her most recent comment on her page – it was from my cousin Aaron…I couldn’t believe what it said,

“Hey sis, tell mom that I am going to stay at a hotel tonight. Try outs went great, but I’m too tired to drive home.”

Un-freaking-believable: after five years of not seeing her…that was my cousin Tori. I couldn’t believe it; I never would have thought! I was impressed, but still…I was scarred for life.