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I run an internet café and all my workers spend more time on myspace than serving customers.
“Billy Get off the laptop and get the latte to table three.”
I storm over to the laptop. Mentally setting the date to have a shop wide discussion about this. I got to close it but sign on my account its closing time so might as well. Table three had left, and Billy’s gone home. Nice he didn’t even offer to help me close up shop. I then proceed to search my name wondering what has been said about me. I get about half way down the page and click automatically on the link. I get taken to a man’s page, he hadn’t put his name but their was a picture. I freely admit his picture looks good. I go to look at more and see him in a Tux underneath is a caption that says me on my wedding day. Shame I though. The next picture had me falling out of my seat, the caption said first kiss as husband and wife under the stars and that’s what the picture was; but the wife was ME. Let me tell you now that is impossible, I’m not married. I grew up in a home so my name is Jane Smith like almost all the girls who didn’t remember their name. But I was in the home from 2-18 and then though connections came here to manage this shop. No room for marriage. I send him a message with a simple hi. He sends one back. We talk getting to know one another and I casually bring up his wife. He tell s me he met here right here in the shop one night and they went out to drinks. That might explain it I never was one to hold my liquor. Apparently we talked all night. He explained that though he did like her, well me, and that he needed to be married by the end of the weekend to win a bet. As drunk as I was I offered to marry him and he was drunk enough to accept. He already had a Tux and a dress, received on agreement to take the bet. So we found a priest with insomnia and got married that night. I was utterly horrified my wedding wasn’t full of love it was a drunken bet. I asked him way he kept the pictures the priest took. He told me he wanted to find his “wife” and apologized. That he really had liked the girl and wanted to see her again. That he had left that nigh to claim his bet money and had forgot to get his “wife’s” number, and was now trying to find her. I tell him I’m her and we plan to meet, dangerous I know. But we fell in love for real and decided to stay married.