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At an Internet cafe i accidently stumbled across an unlikely family mambers Myspace page and i find that this person is my cousin who is a boxer. At first i was amazed and couldnt beleive this was my cousin. It had alot of pictures of his fights and i see he has a great amature career with an record of 22-0. Then I notice that he is going pro in just a couple of more fights. I was really surprised and wondered if he new about the his Famly the Jeffersons down here in Florida. But I did handle it great. And so I then added him on to my friends list. Where I asked if he new we were related. We then had a long confersation coneccting our family together. So then he said after his first proffesisonal fight he will use the money to fly dont with his family and meet the rest of what we now of the rest of the Jefferson’s.