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I snuck into the internet cafe and went over to the bar to order a Pepsi. I took the soda back to the computer with me. The cafe was two blocks from my mom’s and my apartment but her boyfriend often walked to the apartment from work which would lead him right past here.
I opened up to the internet and accessed the internet. My well-practiced fingers flew across the keyboard as I typed in the url for the forbidden website: Myspace. I never understood why the site was banned in my house but it was and so I had to keep it a secret.
As I scrolled down my home page I paused at the not saying that I had new messages and new friend requests. It was a woman who, in her picture, seemed completely relaxed as she reclined on an ugly couch. I opened her message and read it. You’re Rose’s daughter aren’t you? You look like her. Why did you use her name? SHe swore off this site so I’ll bet you’re sitting in some internet cafe reading this? I’m right aren’t I? My name’s Annie. We used to be friends. She stopped talking after Ryan was killed. Don’t tell her I sent you a message. She’d freak. I stared at the screen trying to process the new information. I knew my mom had dated a man named Ryan when I was a baby and something happened and we moved. We move around a lot now. What happened? She never told me. I was half expecting to have to wait until tomorrow to receive another message but it was almost instantaneously. He was my brother so I guess that makes me your aunt. He was killed be the exact magick that your mother vowed her life to. It destroyed her. You were only about two at the time. She refused to leave her house and your grandmother had to take care of you. Finally your mother left the house and went to fed ex to get boxes. Packed hers and yours stuff up and left.
I read Annie’s message twice before standing up and running out. I wanted an explaination. I want to know about my father.