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I needed coffee badly and had no choice but to stop off at a cafe. Sadly the only cafe i could find was an Internet Cafe. I took my seat at one of the stupid computers and waited for the waitress to come by. She finally saw me there and pulled out her little notebook paper.
“What can I get you Miss?”
“Just Coffee and umm…a blueberry muffin.”
“Coming right up.”
She turned around quickly walking off. I looked around the room, seeing all the people typing away at all kinds of things. I figured since i had the computer in front of me i might as well use it. So i went onto myspace. But once i opened the page i realized someone was already logged on.
“The Jetson Family?”
I leaned in closer to the screen, looking at the picture they placed happily in the display. A mother,father,daughter and son all stood happily with there happy little dog.
“Here you go miss.” I nearly jumped out of my skin as the little waitress set down my coffee and muffin.
“Thank you.”
I contined to look at the page. They had all kinds of there favorite activity’s. Mr.Jetson loved to play spaceball, Mrs.Jetson loved to shop at Mooning Dales, Jane there daughter really only had one intrest which was boys and there young son Elroy had an intrest in studing space history.
I had to keep trying not to laugh or giggle at all the things i was reading. What could this family possibly be thinking? Did they really think anyone would believe that those were real interests?
I continued to scroll down the page reading more into there lives. Mr. Jetson worked at Spacely’s Sprockets and his wife was apart of Galaxy Women Historical Society. Both of the children attended school, Jane attended Orbit High School and Elroy attended Little Dipper School. I kept reading but couldnt help to keep thinking how weird and strange this all sounded.
There talking dog Astro? How could a dog talk? The only dog i could remember speaking was scooby-doo and he was a cartoon. They even talked about there house-hold robot Rosie who was an out of date model but since they all loved her so much they refused to switch her with a newer model. They also had pictures of there little family pet Orbitty which was described as a Unidentified alien that Elroy found on a feild trip.
I went to take a sip of coffee but realized it was all gone, and my muffin too. I looked at the myspace page once again and shook my head. This was some stupid crazy joke, and luckily my coffee was gone so i could get out of this stupid interet cafe. I closed the window and paid my bill, but all i could keep thinking about is why would someone make up a myspace page like that…it was so strange…but i guess i’ll never know.