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As I’m sitting in my in the Café looking on the internet I decide to go over and check my myspace before I leave to go back home. I log onto my myspace and I realize that I have a new friends request on my profile. Well I was wondering who it was that had sent me the friend request. So I click to view the friends request and I realize that it is my cousin from New York that I hadn’t talked to in about 7 years. The last time I saw him or even spoke to him was when I was in New York before I moved down to Florida. I was so surprised to see him, so of course I added him to my friends list just so I could talk to him. It turns out that he hadn’t been up to much but we had a lot to catch up on since its been 7 years since we have talked to each other. Well we got to talking for a while and finally he told me that he and my whole family from New York were coming down to Florida to visit everybody down here, the whole family hadn’t been together for a long time. I was so surprised but I was told not to tell anybody and that they were going to surprise everybody else down here. Well I said I wouldn’t say anything but it was hard for me to not be able to tell anybody about it. I find out that he had started to ride dirt bikes and I couldn’t believe it, I remember him saying when we were young that he was going to ride a dirt bike at some point. I was pretty surprised and I wanted to see him ride it and maybe ever try it out myself. I dealt with it pretty good but I don’t think my family did they thought it wasn’t safe for him to be riding a dirt bike.