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I gasped when I opened the page. My brother’s face stared at me from the photo. My brother, Alan, who had disappeared 3 years ago.
I saw that Alan was online. I almost screamed as I sent a message.
“Alan! Is that you? It’s Natalie,” I sent.
I got a message back soon after.
“NATALIE?! How did you find me?! You have to help me.”
“What happened? Where are you?” I typed desperately.
“I’m caught in a building somewhere. They gave me a computer,” came the reply.
That seemed a little strange. Why would they give him a computer with internet access? Then he would be trackable…
Wait! If he was trackable, wouldn’t I be as well?
“Alan, I have to go!” I typed, shutting off my computer. Whoever had him was probably using internet to track whoever he contacted… or lure them in a a trap. I called 911.
“Hello?” I said. “I have an emergency…”