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Oh my God. I’ve fallen through the rabbit hole and I can’t get up. There in plain view on MySpace is my sister. Now having a sister on MySpace is not a big deal, right? But, my sister is a nun. You know, like Sally Field playing the “Flying Nun” or even the most infamous nun, Mother Theresa. Just picture Mother Theresa on MySpace.

My sister’s picture is not of her in her habit but of her in a ’60s mod mini-dress puffing away on a cigarette held by gloved hands. Rhinestones adorn her eyeglasses and accentuate her Twiggy haircut. Her lips are bright red and her eyes are covered with bright aquamarine shadow. She’s sitting there playing the slots.

I’m totally confused. What is a devout nun doing on MySpace? Isn’t this a form of sin? A transgression? The picture is a recent one too. I am beginning to think my sister is doing more than reading her bible and helping kids find Jesus.

Wait maybe nuns celebrate Halloween and this is my sister in costume. No, wait, nuns aren’t going to celebrate a holiday devoted to the underworld. Nice try, but it doesn’t fit. Has someone put this up as a joke? Maybe a friend from my sister’s pre-nun days photoshopped a picture of her in the most unlikely setting and garb. No, that doesn’t fit either. My sister never had friends with a sense of humor (poor her).

What explains this page? I wrack my mind for possibilities and come up empty handed. Curiosity gets the best of me. I visit my sister at the nunnery. I take my laptop and show her the MySpace. She laughs. She laughs until tears run down her cheeks.

Ummmm. I wasn’t expecting this reaction.

“So why do you have a MySpace page?” I ask.

“Oh that’s not me. It’s a friend of mine who looks a lot like me.”

“Aren’t you horrified?”

“Not at all. He’s a former priest dressed in drag.”

I promptly spewed a sip of tea all over my sister. I laughed harder than I have since my brother decided to be a professional dumpster diver.

You can find him on MySpace under #1DumpsterDiver. :emoticon: