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I am searching for other single women looking to chat about the lack of men who are single, employed and heterosexual. I come across a page with the screen name “Quivering in Quitman”. I am intrigued. I grew up in Quitman. Quitman is a small country town so I figure I probably know her or have at least seen her in town a time or two. As I read about her likes and dislikes in the bedroom, I wonder what kind of person would be so bold as to lay out all of this personal information on a popular site such as this one. Her page is full of quotes from the ultimate sex enthusiast known as “Samantha Jones” and I am interested to find a fellow Sex and the City fan so I read on. Vibrators and kinky sex positions are described with great attention to detail. This fellow Quitmanite surely never learned any of this hanging out at the old deserted gas station frequented by me and my friends so many years ago. I begin looking through the profile pics and things start to look familiar. I open the album marked “my children” and I am confronted with my own face staring back at me. This sexed up woman from Quitman is my mother! I slam the laptop shut and rush out, wondering how to erase the last ten minutes from my brain..