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I thought she was just another lost soul off her meds. She was dressed in a luscious green velvet gown that looked like a lucky thrift store find, and since we were in a thrift store in a questionable neighborhood, I just moved on to the book section taking the brass urn I’d just picked up. I tried not to make eye contact. She followed me leafing through a well-worn copy of Skeleton Crew and speaking in a low voice, as if we were in a library.

“Not that I don’t want to lounge about here all day with you, but I’ve really got things to do. Rules are rules, however, and I’ve got to give you what you want. Three things you want, actually.”

I wanted her to go away.

“I could really use a set of double D’s, since you’re offering,” I said with a dismissive snark turning towards the non-fiction rack. I’d hardly taken my next breath when I felt a surge of heat and pain in my chest. My hands came to my chest and my chest rose to meet them. I looked down and everything went black.

Clearly irritated, she lifted me up with disquieting ease. I looked down expecting to see the same old same old; I couldn’t see my feet—all boobs. I had to sit down. I went to the furniture section and found a mostly clean orange couch.

“So, anything I want?” I was looking up at her. She looked down at me with one noble looking brow lifted.

“Not absolutely anything. You were thinking world peace, weren’t you?” She tossed her head back but didn’t laugh. “I can bend physics a bit; I can, say, encourage a person or two to do something they might not otherwise do, but I can’t control the behavior of billions of free willed beings.”

“Shit, I really was thinking world peace,” I said looking at my hands. I was thinking of asking for one wish per day for the rest of my life.

“No, you can’t have that either,” she said. She was smirking now. Eek.

Having wishes to fulfill was a lot of pressure. I don’t like pressure. I dropped out of college because of the pressure. I dumped my last boyfriend because of pressure. I quit my last job as a bank teller because of the pressure.

“Oh well, I guess I’ll take true love and a million dollars.” I shrugged and looked for her approval.

“Not a bad choice, deary.” She sighed. “True love is a myth, you know, but I can lend a helping hand, those new breasts will be a nice assist too. I can at least assure you that the money won’t hurt.” She winked and walked towards the door. She stepped aside as an attractive man with a sweet smile entered the shop. Our eyes met.