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It was about 22 years ago.  But the thought of it is reoccuring in my mind, even to this day.

My wife, son, and I drove down to a school in the South to see about a possible move there.  We stayed in the home of a couple who were in the military.  They would graciously open their home to visitors who came to the area, in hopes of putting down roots there.

So we stayed in their home at no cost, while checking over the new school possibilities.  I felt a bit odd, like I really should give them something for letting us stay in their beautiful home. 

I went out to the shed behind the house, looking for their lawn mower.  I would cut the grass, while I was there.  It was the least that I could do to say thank you for their hospitality.

Big mistake!  There the mower was all shiny and new.  And there THEY were all positioned to attack anyone and everyone who got too near the mower.  A large family of Black Widow spiders appeared to be guarding everything in the shed.  They were everywhere.  There were too many, we were way outnumbered.  It was time to beat a hasty retreat.

My next move was a dangerous one too.  I went to grab a large rock to maybe use against the spiders, when I noticed a dozen more Black Widows under the rock.  Now I am imagining these critters are everywhere I turn.  Probabably the very next place I find them will be in my dreams.  The feeling is difficult to shake.

Well, that was one lawn that could certainly wait to be cut.  Those spiders, in case you ever see one, are jet black in color except for thr bright crimson red hour glass on the lower extremity of their body.

Even though I stood there in awe of seeing them for the first time, I won’t die if I never see another one of them.  And if anyone of you is working on a project to adapt these killers to the colder North, I will hunt you down like a dog and. . . LOL 

The end or is it!