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Well, ya’all it’s good but I still think It would have been better if I would of had my glasses fixed. Won’t have them until next week, they had my perscription too strong so they need to lower it. I drove for the first time (in about five weeks) on Sat. night, and I’ll tell you what, I wish I wouldn’t have. I drove like 5 mph. I could not focus at all. Thank the LORD that there were no cars following me, etc. LOL Thanks for reading and viewing the painting. I like to think that some of my talent for writting comes from how I paint, it’s not perfect but it’s good! LOL My family gave me a turkey on Sat. night, because I only chaged a mere $50.00 for it, but around here and since I don’t do it as a business, I thought that was a darn fair Low price. They say too low but hey, I know word of mouth will get me more paintings to come in.

Awe anyway, it was Enough, for me. Thanks Oldtimer!