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Glad you all like my new blog!

I am cheerfully and lovingly manipulated every day into catering to the every whim of a Basset Hound and an Appaloosa horse. At one time, I thought I had the two of them well-trained. I liked to think of myself as a good trainer. As it turns out, I’m just the staff…

Wild animals also have me well-trained. Just after our big dump of snow, I was outside in the carport. A wild bird (a junco I think) landed on the ground, looked up and me and cheeped. Like a good servant, I went into the house and got some crushed peanuts. The food was much appreciated and got the birds through a tough spot when they were having trouble finding anything to eat. 😉

The next entry in my blog will be about cats…so check in tomorrow to find out what the The Pet Expert has to say about our fuzzy feline friends…