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If you are excited, it is going to look like bragging to certain others. But I remember the hits my son took in high school and throughout his educational years, up until he got his M.F.A. He had too much enthusiasm in school and they (Most theys) could not handle this overly excited kid. He loved school from the gitgo and was always raising his hand with the answer. One of his teachers, an older gal, saw tremendous potential in this highly exuberant child. She made him a teacher’s assistant early on (third grade) and he helped other students with their spelling, math, drawing, and whatever they needed improvement on.

This was a rare teacher from N.Y.C. and at age of ten he told us (His Parents), he was going to live in N.Y.C. when he grew up. Mom told him he would be going there alone, if he did. LOL And that smart kid is in N.Y.C. TODAY and directs an art gallery and doing ok for himself. Set your goals and don’t let anyone turn you from them, if it is what you truly want. Your writng is uniquely your own, so don’t let others re-write too much of it. I had a poem that someone told me to change certain words in it. I did and it was not me now, but them writing my piece. Someone later scolded me and said that the way it was originally really spoke and packed a punch. I went back to my piece and changed it back so I could put my copyright back on it – so to speak. Receive good help and advice from other writers, but also draw a few lines in the sand regarding your own work, that is uniquely you. (The expression of who you are)

Where eagles Soar,
Don (Greywolf)