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I didn’t notice where you mentioned these tiers would be exclusive to anybody (special passwords and whatnot); I don’t think you’d ever advocate that and so it’s not an issue.

I think you have a good idea, but maybe you’d consider changing it up a bit to avoid the fragrence of elitism which would undoutably arise, intentional or not.  I’d suggest structuring it so your First Tier is “Rough Drafts” where people can post stuff that may not be very polished but they want some feedback.  Critiquers feedback might not focus so much on commas and spelling as content.  Those who like to compose while online might want to put their content here.  Your Second Tier would be “Polished Draft” where you’ve got all your technical ducks in a row, but you want more input on style, plot, characters and whatnots.  Grammar might be an issue but not a huge one.  The Third Tier could be something beyond that if necessary.  Maybe the Third Tier could have a suspension of the 1000 word rule and be for manuscripts or larger parts thereof that are getting ready to go out the door but need a final once-over.  Posters would be looking for the nitty gritty fixes and eye to all details.  Anyone can read or post in any Tier, but as a courtesy writers would be asked to stay in the guidelines.  Dunno, just my thoughts.

Anyway, good idea, John and I understand your sentiments.  I would like to think I’ve improved my writing a great deal thanks to the input of the members of this forum.  I wouldn’t want us to lose that spirit of helping each other along to become better writers.  We all started out in the sandbox and maybe we’re ready to play on the jungle gym, but keep in mind there are other kids coming along who are just getting their hands sandy. 

Thanks for the fresh thoughts. 


PS:  Maybe a 4th Tier for “homework assignments” which seem to crop up once in awhile in the forum.