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vade mecum – 2007-01-16 2:04 PM

There is already a huge imbalance between the number of people asking for critiques and those offering them. The way it is now, I do my best and people can take my suggestions or ignore them. I try to answer the questions people ask specifically for in their posts, but may not always know that answer. I assumed that any other things I noticed and commented on would be welcome, too. My suggestions may not be as helpful as those of more experienced writers, but for the most part, the experienced writers are not offering critiques.

The people wanting more complex or specific critiques have done so via the PM system or e-mail; at least that is the way I have been approached in the past. Others are apparently meeting on the google site. I see nothing wrong with using those alternatives, and think people will continue to use those methods as long as they find them useful. Having a larger number of forums to wade through will mean some of us will find our own niche and stay there; we will not be mingling with the crowds, and will miss meeting and becoming forum-friends with some terrific people who may not feel comfortable posting where we hang out. Getting to read writing of all types and levels has helped me grow as a writer, and as a person. I have met people here that I truly consider blessings; they have helped me in ways not related to writing. They come from all writing levels, but as friends they are all top-notch.


Here-here, Carol! I quite agree, I like the diversity of this site in terms of levels of writing. I also agree that there is (often) a vast imbalance of individuals requesting reviews versus those who provide them. I can’t keep up with the multitude of postings, and trying to do so has affected my ability to write for myself, as well as provide indepth review to folks with similar goals. I am more selective now about what I crit (you rarely see me down in Poetry, for example, though I used to spend most of my time there).

Folks can – and do – splinter off to form groups specific to that group’s need. I am one of them, but that does not mean I am no longer active here. I LOVE this place, and enjoy – and count on – the interaction of my fellow writers to form the basis of my chosen community. And I continue to learn from all of you…. Peace, Linda