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Laurie Zupan

I can understand the intent of creating different tiers for poetry, but one thing that will do is keep newbies from enjoying feedback from “serious” poets.  One of the great things about WD’s forums is that all levels of writers are able to brush shoulders and learn from each other. 

I like that the open forums allow for conversation on everything from “Wow, did you see that ice storm last night” to “When should a writer use a pen name?”.  It’s not one of those serious, stuffy literary groups where you’d better have some tintillating tidbit from this week’s reading list or the others will snicker behind their dainty tea cups. 

I can understand some who would like to keep the critique forums filtered for quality writing, but I personally like the fact that eleven-year-olds trying out their waders for the first time can post right alongside some very published authors.

Just my two cents on the subject – which isn’t worth much, since that last poem I posted was over a year ago and not very good at that.