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Anthony Head

See, that’s why I’m still learning. I lack the ability to see my words through my reader’s eyes.

Andrew, Linnea: No. Definitely not a ‘controlled access’ tier. First, I don’t want to force extra maintenance on Maria and her staff, and second, as you said – I don’t want to force social postions on anyone.

I thought more of self-seeking plateaus. Much like a public pool. The depths are clearly marked. As I learn to swim, I stay in the four-foot section. I have a lot of fun, meet other beginners, etc.

As I advance in skill, I actually enter the DEEP END! Zowie. Did you see that? I swam from side to side. What’s that? You say the crawl is more efficient than the breast stroke? Hmmm. Thanks for the tip. Glad there was this new section. If you’d told me about that back in the shallow end, I wouldn’t have understood.

Then I finally get ready to hit the high dive. Now you can tell me all about gainers and swans and watch out for the board! Things I wouldn’t understand or had little meaning, back in the shallows.

Yes, people would still post without reading the guidelines for each tier. It happens all the time – “Oh, 1000 words. Sorry, didn’t read that.” But at least if I sought out an entry level, as Lisa said, I know how to spell poetry but that’s it. If I sought out an entry level for something new, I would expect to receive entry-appropriate comments.

If on the other hand I was feeling my typical cocky self, and I wrote something I felt was ready to compete with the big kids, I could post it in the higher tier and await the slings and arrows. Or the flowers and applause.

In either case, I would be seeking and for the most part, receiving critiques more appropriate to the work.

Would there be overlap? Of course.

Will feelings be stomped because someone thought I could take a more harshly worded comment than I thought I could? Of course.

Will there be self-important forum police that waste their time and the writer’s telling one and all that “You really shouldn’t post this here?” Of course.

Will the approach provide better feedback to you the writer, more meaningful feedback? I certainly hope so.