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spring4321 – 2008-07-19 8:57 AM Couple questions I’m hoping someone might be able to answer, or have a website reference. 1. When a soldier finishes basic training what is his rank? Private? 2. How long is a “usual” tour of duty in Iraq? (I am aware that recent circumstances e i ke this hard to answer–just need ave.) 3. How long is the average leave between tours? 4. Is it true that some people are on their fourth tour? 5. How many hours would a flight from Charleston SC to Afghanistan take (rough estimate)? Does it go through Germany or someplace? Thanks. I called my local recruiting station but they only wanted to sign me up–not answer any questions.

  No Army base in Charleston. Closest Army base to Charleston, is in Columbia, S. C. Navy base is there, used to be major sub base, and a place called Pomflant… Polaris Missile Facility  

The other answers you already have…except length of tours, in Iraq. It’s changeable due to a little rule called stop loss. You may be slated for a 12 month tour, but that can change if the DOD so chooses. Even if your ETS date. which is estimated time in service can change at the DOD’s whim. In other words if you’re in Iraq and your enlistment contract says you get out today…nope, they can keep you as long as they need you. Length of leave between tours is no way twelve months.  They’re doing such a fast turnaround, so glad were not in anymore. Stop loss has thrown everything off, there is no longer normal rotation, and even with that a twelve month leave? Thats funny.:) 

Usual military leave time used to be 2 and 1/2 days per month, you calculate according to time in  service, it’s called time on the books. You cannot go over the time on the books, unless it’s an emergency. If you have 30 days, can’t take 31. A months leave would take you a year in service to earn. Once you use leave you start over. Lots of military save leave time towrds the end of their enlistments, either you get out early, or get paid extra for the leave you didn’t use.

Asked hubby how long it took to fly to Saudi during Desert Storm, but he doesn’t remember (probably slept the whole way )   They did stop off in Germany, as most flights into the mid-east do.

Oh….all airlines are considered part of the National Defense. The military flies commercial, I mean C130’s big aircraft are used for cargo, ships for equipment. Flying on an Air Force cargo flight? In a jump seat? a whole Battalion or Battery of soldiers? Nah. Call the airlines, they can give you a time line.