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I usually day dream abut being on talk shows and talking about my latest book, or movie, or play, and the other guest is a celebirty I have a thing for (right now I’m going throguh an Alan Tudyk phase). And we hit it off.
Sometimes I just day dream about being on the talk show promoting my book.
Sometimes I daydream I’m on Inside the Actor’s Studio (even though I’m not an actor).
Otherwise I day dream that I’m a character in a tv show/movie/book/game. Sometimes when I do the movie thing, I pretend, instead of being in the world of the tv show (or movie), I’m actually filming the movie, and I flub lines, and oh what laughs we all have!
One night I had an odd day dream that I was in France explaining the electoral college to someone who didn’t understand, in French.
Oh, and my day dreams have more of a “play acting” feel than a “just in my head” thing… so one night I just randomly  explained the electoral college in fairly decent french.

I’m not wierd, my reality is just really boring.