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The beach is a place where I can find peace. Here I can think clearly as I enjoy the beauty of nature. As always, I have doubts and regrets about life. How can I make life better? Why did I make that choice? What have I done to deserve this? Pondering these questions and trying not to cry in exasperation, I noticed something in the sand. Did my eyes deceive me? That clear sparkle in the sand is like a sign of hope. The sunlight is hitting the glass in such a way, it draws me to it. Upon locating the sparkle, at first I was disappointed that it was just a bottle, but then I noticed the bottle had something in it. As curious minds would propel one to look further, I was compelled to discover what was inside. How long did this bottle travel, who could possibly send this and for what purpose. I found a dry place to sit in order to read whatever this note contained. As I read, tears flowed freely cleansing my inner soul of the pain and frustration. How could someone know the right words to say in order to provide me with hope? The note read:

“Be patient my child, for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son to save the world. At this time you may think times are rough, but after stormy weather, it is always followed by a sunny day. Have faith and be patient for God is watching and preparing to lead you to a better life.”