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Thank you Anne, Alexander, James, and Wondo. I’m learning a lot from your input.

Recently, when I visited a web site, and a warning bar popped up, and said to scan. I did, but not on their site. I left their site and went to my own trusted Norton. When my scan revealed that a high risk trojan had been blocked, I viewed the details. Sure enough, it stated a fake scan.

A past employer explained getting infected this way. It’s like a person coming to visit who has the flu. If you open the window and talk to them, you’re at risk, but if you open the door, they come in and infect you. I keep that in mind anytime I see the words, install or download.

Too many legitimate web sites offer free programs, but use another party for the download or the install feature. It’s the other parties that will send their adware to you. And, what makes it worse is that it’s hard to tell that it’s a fake.