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Mikala Engel

ladaway – 2009-03-25 9:54 PM

The_Penciled_One – 2009-03-25 6:40 PM And when you install Firefox it gives you the option to disable IE and its even better if you just eliminate Explorer entirely since you will love Firefox, I promise.

When you install Firefox, does it also give the option to eliminate Exporer? My broad band connection through AT&T includes the Norton Internet Security as a package deal. When I ask them, earlier, if it would be discontinued and replaced by McAfee, I was told that I have the choice to keep it as part of the package deal. Can I have both Norton and Firefox?

You really don’t want to eliminate Exploer, you just want to not use it, though there’s really nothing wrong with the latest version of explorer.  Most of the hype about the holes in explorer are more myth than truth, and the latest version is about as well defended as a browser can be.
But Firefox is a good browser, and many people love it.  Yes, you can use Norton with Firefox, and it’s a good combination.