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Here’s mine. This was a car accident that I was in when I visited Paris. The driver fell asleep at the wheel and we crashed in the middle of a 6 lane highway.

Crashing Paris

Eyes wildly fly open
Slow motion
Like a nightmare
White faces
Steering uncontrollably
Pointing fearfully
I hear nothing
But the resounding
Scream of
My own voice
In my ears.

There is nothing.

We are floating,
Then my world
Is turned around.
No crash.
No crunch.
No tyres squealing.
No sickening smash.
Just the sweet
Of glass
Like wind chimes
Caught in a breeze.
I shut my eyes
And brace my body
As it is flung around
Like a ragdoll
The tinkling stops
The skidding stops
The clouds are my stones
The road like a black sky
Everything stops
And I hear my own breathing
Echoing in the
Silent car.