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Regarding, Wings comment, ….and by the way VettyC Great Job,…I used to get not really mad but in a sense frustrated when a critique would involve a question , ” Well please explain”, because my point of view , at that moment in time, was the poem should explain itself and that would take the fun out of it…..kind of like when someone tells you a movie, or should I say ending of a movie that you haven’t yet seen, it almost makes you not want to go and see the dang movie anymore. On the flip side of what Wings comment and how it was explained, I do want others to understand my work that usually tends to throw people in the wrong direction because I DO use so many metephors throughout my rhyming moments typed and if you haven’t experienced what I’ve been through to be able to compare….say ” It puckered in my mouth these words I read, like the juice of a freshly squeezed lime while reading it was in the taste buds of my head.” I do this all the time and would love to explain it more so that others could understand me and my style of writing. Thanks , I had the wind to say all of this , but needed the Wings to better fly and pass it on to everyone else….Wind Beneath My Wings………LOL….I know now I am just tired and being silly , but couldn’t agree more Wings. Thanks.