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parallel structure was the English teaching in me speaking! it just means that, for example, if you have a sentence like “He enjoys driving and sking.”, you can’t write “He enjoys driving and to ski.” since enjoys takes a gerund (-ing ending verb) and you can’t use a gerund and infinitive (the “to ski” form of a verb) together here, there has to be consistency in the use of words after verbs, conjunctions like “and”and “but”, actually, it’s a long story, it’s just that language is logical and follows precise rules, although, as a living thing, it slowly changes and things that were acceptable at one time are no longer: we now say “who are you talking to?” while one time, that “to” at the end would have been considered incorrect, the correct form would have been “to whom are you talking?” You had a few inconsistencies, which, if done ON PURPOSE, is one thing, say, in the hands of an expert (like a jazz musician that knows his stuff and can improvise at will), but if it’s done from not knowing the rules, is a mistake.

Hope this helps!