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Being single in a rural town is always the most lonely experience anybody can deal with. For a man, it is even worse. Most of my friends have girlfriends or even are married, but me, I am an independent loser.
Bill and I felt as though we should get together over the summer, and so we decided to go to a place I have been going to all my life, Ricky’s Bar. Ricky’s was home to the best fish fry in Wisconsin, in my opinion for that matter. We situated at a booth near a stain glass window which looked worn and chipped. Across from the booth two older women, aged at about 35 approximately glanced over at us and smiled oddly. Bill looked at me and mentioned that those two are always bar hopping around town on the weekends. What he said made me positive that they were drunk. Just after he mentioned that, our waitress asked us if we wanted appetizers. Both Bill and I glanced a look and casually said no at the same time. I ordered fish fry, as well as Bill.
About 30 minutes later after some much needed catch up time, our stomachs were bursting with a gluttonous passion. Bill called for the check and moments later we received it. Betty, our waitress, handed Bill the check. She slowly walked away keeping a strange look on her face. I grabbed the check making sure that Bill wouldn’t pay a cent. Three words were written on this paper. “You are cute”. Automatically I shot a stare at the two stumbling, stuttering women. I had never seen somebody so drunk. I had also never seen two people so drunk. My thought was that they wrote this to them. Bill looked at the check and laughed. Quickly I walked over to the women and said “no thank you”. As I was returning to my seat Bill had a woman on his lap. Completely shocked I threw him a quick “What are you doing”. He stood up introducing me to his girlfriend Betty. The check was meant for Bill rather than me. We all got a good laugh out of it, but I had said some nasty things about Betty during our dinner. The words I mentioned about Betty weren’t mean, or sexist, but sexually nasty.
I don’t go to Ricky’s anymore.