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It was my first real date. Sure, I tooken girls out before, but it had alawys either ended badly, or they called on last moment to say their parents hated my guts, and we couldn’t go out. So, I’m not that popular with the laddies, but at least I try. I do all the normal stuff any guy who doesn’t have ADHD. I opened the car door for her, as well as any other door, move chairs for her, and pay for the meal, and movie at the theatre. I try to act niormal, but that’s the hard part. I usually introduce myself on spot to a girl I’m interested in, just to make sure she’s interested enough,
“Hi, I’m Avery. I have Attention- Deficit Hyperactitvty Discorder” And sometimes they feel sorry for me, like my date was. She was really nice girl in one of my classes who raises homeless dogs, and puppies, with brown hair with honey blond highlines. I really liked her hair, but her eyes were my favorite, green the shade of a emrold stone.

“So, you…you like school?” She shrugged, I hoped she was having fun, I mean it was hard to stay sitted in my chair, while I talked her, and I figured I was making her nervous.
‘Not really”, she sighed, “Its so borring, and I miss caring for my dogs. I think about them all day at school”, I kinda wish she thought about me all day at chool, but I just hoped my mouth wouldn’t say what my head was thinking, like it did peridially.

‘I think about you a lot at school’,” Crap! I didn’t mean to say that”, i shout angely at myself. She smiled,
“No, that’s okay. Avery I-“But something in my head knew she wouldn’t like me. Sometimes I never shut up, sometimes I said things I shouldn’t, and other time girls thought I didn’t care if I didn’t look them directly in the eye, or say I wasn’t listening. I sure hopped the check would come soon. Then I would’nt have to stay in one place for so long, until the movie started. I sure did love this restraunt. I should’ve bought her roses, thats what I should’ve done.

“You seem distracted again”, she smiled poiletly.
“Yeah, its mainly about you”, I admitted.
She blushed, “Avery, there’ a reason I -“I was going to break down any minute now. My heart beat was racing. I don’t think I ever cared so much about a girl before.
“Sarah, i don’t know if-“, She interrupted me,

“Avery, i like you. You’re nice, funny, sure you don;t do that great in school, and are late a lot, but you’re the only one I can trust to be you” I stared in her eyes, and wondered what she meant by that.
‘What, a ADHD kid?”, She looked nearly esperated, like she kept getting closer to this rmatic moment I neverv had with anyone, and I kept ruining it!

Just then the waiter brought the check, as Sarah looked in the eyes, and said, ‘”No, you, Avery O’Brian, the only guy I’ve ever trully liked this much”, someting in me stirred. Was it her perfume, her words, or the fact I liked her back? Not to mention the fact that Sarah spilled her guts out on me in front of a good-looking college aged guy.

I couldn’t stop staring at her, still finding no words to say, when I saw a note scribbled downon a paper, something like I wouldn’ve donew. But I had to ask myself , ‘what does it say?”, Sarah wanted to see, but I looked frist.
Written in black ink, were the words, “Your ziper’s down. Might want to fix that” and immediatly I felt my cheeks grow hot.

Sarah’s eyes grew big, just from watching me.
“What did it say?’, I paid the bill, then pulled my shirt down a bit, covering my open zipper on my levi jeans.
I took the note with me, and ambled, to the bathroom to fix my problem. Aparently the last time i went to the restroom, i forgot to zip up my zipper! How emmbarring, I thought, as I threw the now crumpled up note in the garabage, and headed to the girl I hoped would see through a situation like a smaller sized embrassement like she seemed to with my bigger medical problem.