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We sat down at our usual table of friends ready to enjoy the meal.
I dressed up tonight, just felt like wearing a slimming black skirt and some high heels.
I will admit that the skirt was a bit too tight, but I felt like if I only ate something light an drink a glass of wine following some ice water I would be alright.
Well being that I had to go to the restroom right as they were calling us to our table, now that I’ve been here for a while I really had to go.
And not to my knowledge everyone else, including the waiter, would have a pretty good show.
Coming back from the bathroom I felt that silent stare from not only friends at the table that we sat, but people who weren’t my friends as well.
It is like someone had passed some gas at our table and politley tried to act like something didn’t happen to have made that smell.
The waiter is coming with our check already? And he is headed straight for me like a dart going straight for the bulls eye.
As he handed me the ticket he leaned down to make sure I noticed that there was a note written on it besides the cost of the meal.
I suddenly watched him walk away in a fast pace, immediatley I started to read this note and suddenly felt ill.
The skirt was obviously a bit too tight and not the right choice or the best choice I had made that night.
It read ” Girl I hate to tell you this but at the same time felt like I would want somebody to tell me. Your skirt must have ripped while standing to go to the bathroom and right down the seam. Just put it this way you could tell the color of your G-string.”
Oh my god, no way, did this really happen or is he just messing with my head. He is playing a joke and probably was told by my friends at the table to do so. I wish that were true so bad that I could taste it, but things like this have quite often happened to me before so I didn’t ignore.
So as I tell the table, who probably already were thinking about the color of my G-string, I just said ” It’s time for me to go. The wine really got to me. Could one of you walk me out to my car please.”
They all stood up and what does that tell you? They all knew.
A guy friend of mine put his arms around me covering my back side and helped me to my car.
Praise Jesus it wasn’t that far.
As soon as I started the car I felt sheilded or almost invisible in the comfort zone of my car and tinted windows.
Then the waiter who informed me of my little problem comes running out and I said to my self ” Oh no”.
Well I forgot, under the midst of everything going on, to mention this waiter was really hot and that added more to the blushing moment everyone including him saw.
I rolled down my window as he hands me another reciept with writing thinking what did I do now. It read as he had already walked back in, ” I liked you tonight even with everything that happened. We should hang out sometime” He had left his number for me to call.
It might have been a lovely meal gone wrong. Let me tell you, though, that I was grinning from ear to ear driving home to the different beat of a good song.