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Ok, I admit…it had been absolutely ages since I’d been on a date, I’m way too busy; manuscripts to finish, books to sign, dogs to feed, envelopes to lick and send out! But…when he asked me to the little diner on the corner, I could NOT resist.
Maybe it was just his wavy brown hair, or even his pale green eyes…but there was something about him that turned me on, and not many men can do that…considering half of them wear their pants to their ankles and would rather be told how good they are in bed than talk about how beautiful the weather is.
So, getting back to the point, when the evening dawned I made sure I was dressed to the nines in a stellar black evening gown, I’d even went as far as to get my hair done; aka…it’s usually at the back of my head in a pony tail. I half jumped out of my skin when the doorbell rang and was thoroughly shocked when he showed in a pair of jeans (at least they were around his waist) and a plaid denim jacket. He looked at me from head to toe, and even though I’d blushed to the roots of my already red enough hair, I could tell…he was impressed.
When we actually got to the diner he led me in and we sat down in at a table, my eyes darting nervously around at the people around us…boy had I done it that time, I was the only one here who looked ready to meet the president himself.

I guess my dress was the only thing that negatively encountered my mind, and that didn’t even last for long; before the end of dinner we were both laughing and holding hands like we were just out of the tenth grade.
When the bill came around he insisted on paying…but I, not being too much old fashion when it came to this kind of thing, told him, “You let me buy dinner…and you’ll get desert free.” Now, half piped up on a drink or so, I can’t explain what brought me to say this…but all I know, is that he didn’t even bother to refuse after that point, he gave a shy smile and murmured, “So be it…”
It was about three minutes later, once I had picked up the bill and had made my way to the check out counter, that my eyes actually dropped to the receipt…not that bad, but what was that scrawled on the bottom?
“Fifty dollars says you’re pregnant and married before your manuscript is even close to finished..”
That’s when reality hit me and I payed, returning to him and giving a polite, “I feel…sort of sick, thank you for the lovely dinner, I hope to talk to you again.”
Let’s just say now…I’m sitting on my deck, eating a chocolate chip cookie, manuscript still isn’t finished…and he’s in his motor boat, with a blond next to him, gliding quickly along the lake next to my house. How funny…