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Ann Emmert Abbott

Nnnnno, I definitely meant “more”, thank you.  If you use a serial comma (or not) consistently, that tells the reader (perhaps an editor) who prefers another style that at least you knew what you were doing and not just randomly dropping in commas or leaving them out by chance.  It’s the same with capitalizing certain words and making grammar choices (like to use that or which), but less so with syntax.

Unfortunately the sites cited are not locations of the free standard style guides, as I had asked. They are good for learning about style, but not the style guides themselves.

To learn about MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, CGOS, and the CBE, see:

and follow the links, although I suspect it is quicker, easier and more accurate to just obtain the style guide(s) you need and have them for reference. However, for Elizabeth, the AP will do just fine to guide her for writing magazine articles — which was what she asked about. 

Specific style guides are really more about capitalization, punctuation, abbreviation, citation, and probably a couple of other “tions” that don’t occur to me at the moment.