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Which of the standard style guides are available at free websites? I know only of Strunk & White on Bartleby’s. Last time I checked the Chicago, it was still a fee site.

…here’s the best source for MLA excerpts as well as all kinds of other writing rules ‘n regs:

…i don’t get into serious format issues of journalism enough to need a CMS and know enough from having written for newspapers and magazines that i can advise journalism-aimed mentees well enough without consulting it…

…here’s another of the fine university-based standards-offering sites i use when needed:

…and this one for verbs:

I find that Strunk & White is not specific enough about punctuation, but then my brain is probably always in “editor” mode, even when writing.

…as do i, which is why i noted that i keep a good punctuation guide handy, alongside my s&w…

I’d also say that consistency is more important. Grammar, syntax, capitalization and punctuation make up style (mechanics, not a manner of writing like “voice”), which is what we’re talking about in copy editing.

…i’d say ‘that goes without saying’… 😉 …though i would change ‘more’ to ‘as’…