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abqwriter – 2007-08-28 7:34 PM

Jessica!  How are you?  How are the wee ones, and how goes your endeavor to begin doing PR for your husband’s art?

It’s good to see your post, and thank you for the nice words.  I’m glad to have helped even a little. 

Please drop in again if you have a couple seconds and let us know how you’re doing, ok?

Lisa–I am well.  My little one is doing well.  He’ll be three in November & he amazes me every day!  My husband is well & the PR is going okay, I guess?!?  He has some projects coming up at the end of the year & I just sent out media releases for those.  So, we’ll see?!?  I’m sorry to hear about the Tribune–big business decisions have squelched so many creative talents!!  Take care…